Treasury Time!

One of the fun things about Etsy is making treasuries, and an even more fun part of that is team contests.  Team members make a treasury around a specific item from someone’s shop, then that shop owner gets to judge them all and pick a new winner.  That winner gets to choose an item from her shop and have lots of treasuries featuring that item.  Then she gets to judge that week.  Well, I was so excited to win one of these (I was shocked), and instead of having to pick one item, we got to let the treasury makers pick anything they wanted.  We got a lot of beautiful treasuries, but I’ll just put a few here for you to see! I’ll start with our winner! This gorgeous winter collection was curated by Nedra from OrigamiDelights.

The next one, Vintage Love, made it to the front page of Etsy and started a one-hour flurry of activity. We sold four sets of these little pink bobby pins and a few other things all in about an hour. Talk about an adrenaline rush! Thanks Stephanie Smith, from Pinheadpins!

Here’s another “honorable mention.” I love the soft pink and brown in this one and it features Rebecca’s crochet ponytail holder. It was done by Janine, of Betty’s Rubble.

Thanks so much to all of you who made amazing treasuries and gave us 24 hours of excitement!

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Blue Button Earrings

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you find a cute bracelet or necklace that you love, you can’t figure out WHAT to wear with it? I know that sometimes I am fashion-challenged and end up standing in front of the mirror holding up one thing after another, then shaking my head.

I really like shopping at Christopher and Banks, especially their clearance rack! But I have found that even if you find a good deal on a skirt, then the only shirt in the store that matches is full price. Hmmm….is that an accident? Even though their clothes are beautiful and colorful, often the colors are really hard to match with anything that’s not the same dye lot. I guess you could always just stick with denim!

So in light of the “what to wear with it” dilemma, I decided that I should not be part of the problem. Our Etsy shop carries button bracelets, but we didn’t have any earrings to match. I would wear one of my bracelets and think, “Now what do I have that goes with this?!”  Since necessity is the mother of invention, I got to work coming up with some matching earrings for a few of the bracelets that are listed. What fun! I am loving making these little button earrings with wire wrapping. I have been a fan of wire-wrapped jewelry for some time and it seems like the perfect approach when using buttons.
I still have ideas spinning around like crazy, but check out some of the ones I made so far!

Green Button EarringsBrown Button Earrings

Brown Button Earrings

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I Sing Because I’m Happy!

Welcome Spring!  I just had to post the treasury I made yesterday for the Treasury Challenge NonTeam weekly contest.  We had to use a photo by Tammie Bowden (she won last week).  She has lots of cool photos, so I couldn’t wait to see what she would pick.  Continue reading

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Still Trying…

This is the kind of day when I’m glad we don’t have many followers yet! I’m still trying to get things to look right!  Rebecca and I decided that our little Etsy shop needs a make-over!  Continue reading

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New Look!

Do you ever find yourself standing in the living room, trying to imagine how things would look if you just moved the couch to the other side of the room?  Of course, that means the LaZboy has to slide over just a bit.  Actually, what you really need to do is move the entire entertainment center over there where the bookcase is….sigh!  I’m thankful that I have a patient husband, because every so often he comes home, totally unsuspecting that change is in the wind, and finds everything rearranged.  Continue reading

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Appreciation Treasury

Wow! Pam, from Dewdropdaisies, a cute Etsy shop that carries fun vintage items, had a great idea. She made quite a few treasuries featuring items from people who had featured her things this year. She called these treasuries “The Season for Giving” and gave them numbers. (I think she did about 12 of them!)

Here’s the one with a bracelet that I made:

Thanks, Pam! If you want to visit her fun shop, click here:

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Merry Christmas!!!

Only three days ’til Christmas!  Have you gotten caught up in the frantic shop/wrap/bake/clean frenzy that sometimes sums up the week before Christmas?  I admit to sometimes getting grumpy and feeling like it is just a commercial racket, “run by a big eastern syndicate.” like Lucy says on A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Well, last night we all piled into our room, (since I moved the tv out of the living room for a while!) and watched Linus remind us what Christmas is all about.  You know that when he says, “Lights, please,” you have gotten to the part that wouldn’t even make it on television now if it hadn’t already become such a classic. 

Let this be a reminder to all of us how much God loves us, that He sent His Son into the world that He might be a propitiation for our sins. And since He first loved us, let us love one another! That’s all we need to have the merriest Christmas…a thankful heart!

Merry Christmas!!!


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Craft Show!

Rebecca and I had so much fun on Saturday at the Hayden Friend’s Church’s (and North Idaho Christian School’s) holiday bazaar! Everyone who was working to organize it was so sweet. We were in a side room, which turned out to be the place that most people wandered through first, before heading into the gym where lots more tables displayed all kinds of crafts and baked goods. I was happy to be next to my mother-in-law and we also had our friend Lynn from church sharing our booth with us, so we had lots of encouragement.

Here is a partial photo of our table showing our Mayflower Market banner! We had so much fun, we’re already talking about next year!

This one is of the whole booth showing Lynn’s beautiful fresh greenery wreaths and swags and pine cone ornaments:

We were excited to meet all the folks who came out and were so encouraging of our work! Rebecca even had someone request a special order of one of her crocheted Amigurumi stuffed toys.

Rebecca's Cute Amigurumi Toys

Semi-Precious Stone and Button Bracelets


Reversible Button Bracelets


Bobby Pins!

 Thanks so much to everyone who came out and supported us!!!!

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Latest Treasuries

One of the current trends in decorating that is still so popular is “Shabby Chic” or “Cottage Chic.” When I see all the cute things on Etsy that are shabby chic, I think of my sister-in-law, Anna, because her bathroom is decorated in that style. This latest treasury I put together made me think of her, thus the title!

I was honored to get included in a treasury this week by Pamela, from Pamela’s Jewelry. She included my “Homestead” button bracelet in her treasury titled “Simple Pleasures.” I love it!

Be sure to check out Pamela’s Etsy store:  She’s having a sale in November, so start your Christmas shopping early!

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More Treasuries!

Well I am trying not to get obsessed with Etsy treasuries, although creating them is so fun! Rebecca and I were excited to get home from church Monday night and find that we both had items featured in new treasuries. But before I list them, I have to say what an awesome revival we are having this week! We have David Smallwood visiting to preach, and he does a great job at that, but boy can he sing! He sang tonight and I noticed Elijah (14 months) just watching him and taking it all in. If you want to find out about laying up treasures in heaven, check out David’s blog:

I was excited for Rebecca when I saw that her crochet pea pod was featured in a treasury by Marie Clare at pillowsophi:  Marie has the cutest vintage items in her shop. Check her out! This is the treasury:

The treasury with something of mine was created by Nichole McGhie. It is called “Country Living” and features my new “Homestead” button and natural stone bracelet. Nichole’s shop has gorgeous bath and body products and can be found here: 

Here is her lovely treasury:

Thanks Marie and Nichole!

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