Mayflower Market Is Open!

Welcome to Mayflower Market! It took all day, well mostly all day, but our Etsy shop is now open!  Rebecca and I are a little bit excited. We have now listed a grand total of FOUR items for sale.  Hey, it’s a beginning! Right now we are just trying to get our 4th of July-themed items listed while there is still time, but I couldn’t resist adding her crocheted turquoise and yellow flower ponytail holder just for some variety.

I am loving these pictures with our daisies in the backgrounds.  We were able to use them for the banner, the avatar, and they are in lots of jewelry pictures that will be posted on Etsy.  Also, in the banner, you can see the weathered building that is our little playhouse.  It seemed appropriate, since the kids used to play “store” there!  It is our little Mayflower Market.  I was going to stain and paint it earlier this spring, but am so thankful that I never got around to it, since I love the gray color in the pictures.

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