Scramble with the little chicks…

One of my favorite books to read to kids is “Barnyard Dance” by Sandra Boynton. It’s sort of a farmyard square dance where the animals “bow to the horse,” and “bow to the cow,” then “twirl with the pig if you know how.” They¬†swing their partners and stomp and clap and promenade.¬† My favorite line is, “Scramble with the little chicks- Cheep, Cheep, Cheep!”

Rebecca’s little crocheted chicks make me think of “Barnyard Dance.” We named them Cluck, Chuck, and Hank! It was such fun to carry them around and pose them for pictures. I put Cluck by the chicken run and one of the real chickens, (I think it was Talula) cocked her head to look at it like she was wondering what in the world it was!

Hank, Cluck, and Chuck

Apparently, when they get together they make quite a trio, and are pretty good singers. Mark saw one of the pictures and said they look like a singing group, so I guess that is what they are doing when we are not around! Check out the Etsy shop for more pictures and descriptions!

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