Christmas-in-July Sale!

Rebecca and I are excited because Mayflower Market is having it’s first sale! Who doesn’t love a sale? I started thinking about it, and I realized that there is very little that I don’t buy on sale! So, to celebrate having TWO pages of items now listed in our Etsy shop, we are having a Christmas-in-July sale from now until the end of the month. Everything in the shop will be 15% off until August 1st.

Rebecca is branching out from just the crochet ponytail holders to making more amigurumi crocheted animals. Her SSSSam the snake was featured in two treasuries on Etsy and she has Clover the guinea pig on there now, too. Coming soon will be a cute little seal!

SSSSam the Snake

I am excited about my newest button bracelets! They are REVERSIBLE! It took me a while to figure out how to make them just the way I wanted, but now that I have the design worked out, there are so many color possibilities. The latest one I made is sized for girls, and it has colorful flowers and hot-pink buttons! The cool thing about these reversible bracelets is that they have buttons on the front and back, so even if one (or all of them) flips over, you still see the pretty part. I am so glad we started our little shop during the summer when we have had time to enjoy setting things up and just creating pretty stuff!

Flower Girl Button Bracelet

Orange Blossom Button Bracelet

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