Watermelon Carving (an attempt!)

After watching the video of the lady carving beautiful roses into the side of a watermelon (see “Get Ready to Celebrate” post), I thought I would give it a try. It looks so easy, right? Well, in the name of humility, here is a picture of my first attempt!

Not so pretty!

First of all, I started the cuts too deep as you can see by that big red hole in the middle of the flower.  And the dainty little petals on the flowers in the video are nowhere to be seen here! So, after watching the video a couple more times, I tried again!

So this is still pretty clunky, but at least it looks more like a flower! The kids were dying to try it by now, so I let Ben and Rebecca have a turn. Ben added on to mine and Rebecca carved her own in the end.  I thought they did pretty well!

Rebecca’s flower does not have thin, dainty little petals either, but at least you can tell it is a rose! We had a lot of fun trying this with the watermelon.  Now I need to try canteloupe and honeydew! By the way, it ended up being a very tasty sculpting medium! You can’t go wrong with watermelon carving because if you make a mistake, you can just eat your artwork! Or if you don’t like watermelon, try carrots, radishes, strawberries…

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