Etsy Treasury

Wow! Rebecca and I just realized today that we have had our items on Etsy featured in 18 treasuries since we opened our little store! If you are not familiar with what a “treasury” is, it’s a collection of items arranged in an artistic way, either based on color or theme, or both! People make treasuries in order to feature items they like (you don’t include your own), and there are various treasury “teams,” for promotion and marketing. It is really fun to make a treasury, searching Etsy for just the right thing to go with your theme. Here is one that has my “Laramie” natural stone and button bracelet. It was “curated” or put together by SherriKayDesigns. This shop has gorgeous handmade glass and lucite beaded necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches. Check her out:

This is the latest one I made for the “nonteam” treasury team. It’s called a nonteam because it’s a group, but there are no requirements for membership like some teams have. We use themes based on ideas from the Etsy Merchandising desk based on current shopping trends. I wanted to do something rustic with a farmhouse feel.

Treasuries are so fun, they are kind of addictive! And it’s so exciting to get included in one! Thanks again, Sherry!

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