Blue Button Earrings

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you find a cute bracelet or necklace that you love, you can’t figure out WHAT to wear with it? I know that sometimes I am fashion-challenged and end up standing in front of the mirror holding up one thing after another, then shaking my head.

I really like shopping at Christopher and Banks, especially their clearance rack! But I have found that even if you find a good deal on a skirt, then the only shirt in the store that matches is full price. Hmmm….is that an accident? Even though their clothes are beautiful and colorful, often the colors are really hard to match with anything that’s not the same dye lot. I guess you could always just stick with denim!

So in light of the “what to wear with it” dilemma, I decided that I should not be part of the problem. Our Etsy shop carries button bracelets, but we didn’t have any earrings to match. I would wear one of my bracelets and think, “Now what do I have that goes with this?!”  Since necessity is the mother of invention, I got to work coming up with some matching earrings for a few of the bracelets that are listed. What fun! I am loving making these little button earrings with wire wrapping. I have been a fan of wire-wrapped jewelry for some time and it seems like the perfect approach when using buttons.
I still have ideas spinning around like crazy, but check out some of the ones I made so far!

Green Button EarringsBrown Button Earrings

Brown Button Earrings

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