Still Trying…

This is the kind of day when I’m glad we don’t have many followers yet! I’m still trying to get things to look right!  Rebecca and I decided that our little Etsy shop needs a make-over!  I have been re-photographing lots of pictures trying to make our items more visually appealing.  As much as I love the rustic look, we have to remember that it doesn’t matter what a cute setting you can put your ponytail holders in, if they can’t be really seen.  Maybe this should have been a blog about our first year on Etsy and what we learn along the way!

Maybe that will be my next post, at least!  For now, just bear with us as we keep changing everything.  I think if I could just get trained in WordPress, I would be a more frequent blogger.  Right now, I feel like wadding it up and throwing it at the wall….so to speak!  I tried to change the theme, but I couldn’t get anything new to install.  I tried to change the banner, and that took me half an hour to re-size and it still looks funny!  In the meantime, I lost all my widgets and had to re-do them.  For you Non-Bloggers (aka, the “smart ones”), the widgets are the side-bar items.  I finally got most of it working correctly….

But enough griping! It is a beautiful sun-shiny day!  It looks like Spring is finally HERE!  Thank you Lord!  I think I’ll go OUTSIDE now!

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