Treasury Time!

One of the fun things about Etsy is making treasuries, and an even more fun part of that is team contests.  Team members make a treasury around a specific item from someone’s shop, then that shop owner gets to judge them all and pick a new winner.  That winner gets to choose an item from her shop and have lots of treasuries featuring that item.  Then she gets to judge that week.  Well, I was so excited to win one of these (I was shocked), and instead of having to pick one item, we got to let the treasury makers pick anything they wanted.  We got a lot of beautiful treasuries, but I’ll just put a few here for you to see! I’ll start with our winner! This gorgeous winter collection was curated by Nedra from OrigamiDelights.

The next one, Vintage Love, made it to the front page of Etsy and started a one-hour flurry of activity. We sold four sets of these little pink bobby pins and a few other things all in about an hour. Talk about an adrenaline rush! Thanks Stephanie Smith, from Pinheadpins!

Here’s another “honorable mention.” I love the soft pink and brown in this one and it features Rebecca’s crochet ponytail holder. It was done by Janine, of Betty’s Rubble.

Thanks so much to all of you who made amazing treasuries and gave us 24 hours of excitement!

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